“Culture of Cruelty” includes an overview of three documents detailing existing standards for Border Patrol treatment of individuals held in their custody. The full text of these documents are available for your viewing online here.

The Hold Rooms & Short Term Custody Memorandum (click here to download) ( June 2, 2008) was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the American Civil Liberties Union—Regional Center for Border Rights. Although the document was heavily redacted, we were able to identify guidelines addressing the following, many of which are routinely violated in practice:
• Access to food
• Access to water
• Access to medical care
• Processing center conditions
• Property recovery
• Due process protections
• Special conditions for juveniles

The Proper Treatment of Detainees Memorandum (click here to download)  (May 2, 2004), also obtained as a result of the ACLU FOIA request, explicitly prohibits verbal abuse on the basis of “name, nationality, race, religion, economic condition…dress or any other circumstance.”

The Local Arrangement for Repatriation of Mexican Nationals (click here to download) (April 2, 2009) is a public Memorandum of Understanding signed by various government agencies of the U.S. and Mexico including four Mexican Consulates and four Customs & Border Protection regional offices. This document addresses criteria and procedures for “repatriating Mexican nationals in a safe, dignified, and orderly way with respect to their human rights” and applies to both Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations in the region.